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Past Accomplishments

Although I don’t compete much anymore. Some of the accomplishments by dogs that I have trained:

  • Lone Star Cattledog National Dog of the Year

  • Tulsa Fair Cattledog Champion

  • Oklahoma State Fair Cattledog Champion

  • Sundowner Stockdog Association Dog of the Year

  • Top of Texas Cattledog Champion

  • Wyoming Cattledog Series Champion

  • Top Hand Cattledog Champion

  • Gulf Coast Cattledog Champion

  • Westfork Challenge Champion Cattledog

  • Bob Daniels Memorial Cattledog Champion

7-time Cattledog Futurity Champion

The futurities have always been my favorite because it is a young dogs first competition. Everyone basically has the same amount of time to get their young dog prepared for that day. Of the 7 winners, I only owned one of them at the time of the trial. The other 6 were customers’ dogs.

Over 20 Years of Experience

I have been really fortunate to have trained some exceptional cowdogs over the last 20 plus years. Some were mine, some were for customers. And although I take great pride in my training it is these great dogs that have built my reputation.

cow dog training photo

cow dog training photo