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Why Choose Paul Gilbert’s Cowdog World?

Although the commands we use are pretty standard, experience has taught me there is no cookie cutter approach to cowdog training. It is up to your trainer to determine what your dog responds the best to. Like us, each dog has their own strengths, weaknesses, personality and learns at their own pace.

Repetition is key in dog training no matter what kind of dog. Dogs learn to do things the correct way by doing them over and over until it is second nature to them.

Experience has also taught me to keep it fun for them. A dog is much more receptive to learning if he is relaxed. He will sense if you are uptight to. Sometimes he will have a bad day just like we do. Give him the day off to just run and play and be a dog. It is amazing how much better the next training session will go after this. Often times that one command that he just could not master will “click” after a play-day to unwind.

I limit the number of dogs that I have in for training at one time so I can focus on your dog. Dog’s don’t respond well when rushed through a training session. I also don’t like the added stress, so limiting the number of dogs at one time helps us both.