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James A. Thomas


Stock dog training program $400 per month

Custom stockdog training on cattle; 30 to 45 days:

Over 30 years experience working with border collies and Kelpies
I take pride in the way I train my Border Collies & outside dogs. I believe in honesty & being straight forward about the stock dogs that are sent to me for training on cattle or sheep. I believe that a good selected breeding program is important to get the quality stock dog to be trained to work in a way that reduces stress on the type of livestock worked, with bite when needed on cattle or a push with the shoulder or a nudge with the head on lambs. A good solid foundation with obedience & basic commands will help achieve the training of a working stock dog. A well started or trained dog can help you if you learn the correct way to handle them.

For more information about our training program, you may contact me or go to our website

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