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Dog Breaking Cattle

June 14th, 2010

Dog breaking cattle is done so that your cattle respect your dog. Don't expect your cattle to gather up and come running to the lot the way the cattle did the first time you saw your dog work.They eventually will, but they must first be dogbroke. First, they must be introduced to your new dog. This is usually done in good sturdy lot or pen where they can't get away but have room to move. Also it is best to dog break your cows when they are dry. If you keep your heifers or buy stockers this is an ideal situation to dogbreak them. Just break a few at a time. That way they all get a better chance to be met by your new dog. If you have good control of your dog or dogs and he has the strength to do it, you can just let him move the cattle around the pen. Don't worry about giving him a lot of commands, just let him work. Occasionally one of the cows will have to try him. When they face him, he must introduce himself with a bite. Some cattle can take more than others. It won't take many of these sessions and your cattle will cooperate much better. When you notice that the cattle are moving away from the dog as he gets close to them, they are figuring it out .Soon you will be amazed how smoothly gathering your cattle can be. For the new dog owner or if you don't quite have the control that you should have, you might want to use a long rope like is demonstrated in this dogbreaking cattle video.

Len Dalton

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