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Bonding With Your New Cowdog

June 13th, 2010

Whether you buy a trained or started cowdog it will need to take up or bond with you before you put it on cattle.The bonding process doesn't usually take too long. It just seems like it because you are so anxious to work your new dog on cattle. Just remember, everything is new to your dog. Your cattle, your place and even your voice. For example, when your dog is given a command like downhe is just responding to the sound of the word. He doesn't know what the word means any more than he can spell it. So,the more time that you can spend with your new dog, the better. Again, you might say the same command word that the previous owner used but it sounds altogether different to the dog.

A good way to start is by taking your new dog for a walk on a leash. Just lead him around your place. Even if only for a few minutes. This will go a long way in helping him bond with you. Either on the lead or a longer cord, call the dog to you. If he doesn't respond, a mild tug on the rope will probably start him to you. When he does come to you be sure to pet him. For the first coulple of days do this a few times and you will probably notice that he is responding better every time you do it. Once you notice that he has this down pretty well you can either take the lead off of him or let him drag it around while you walk with him. Let him get further and further before you call him back. You can also give him simple commands like Down at this time. If he doesn't down properly or come to you, make sure that you make him do it. Do not get into the habit of letting him get away with not doing the command. When he starts coming to you when called and downing on command. It is time to start dogbreaking your cattle. You might want to keep him on a long cord or rope the first few times as this will make sure you have control of him the whole time.

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