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Dog Feed Protein Requirements

July 11th, 2010

Protein requirements can vary between breeds and even individual dogs. However, the list below is a general guide with respect to your dogs protein needs.

Dog Type or Age                                            Recommended Protein                                  Recommended Fat

Puppy                                                                              28%                                                                        17%

Adult Dog (normal activity)                                           18%                                                                       9-15%

Active Dog                                                                        25%                                                                       20%

Extreme High Performance                                         35%                                                                        50%

Lactating Dog                                                                  28%                                                                        17% 


Unless they are working extremely hard all day, most cowdogs are not going to be considered in the extreme high performance category. Most adult working cowdogs will likely fall into the active dog category.

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