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Clean Biting Dog vs Dirty Biting Dog

June 15th, 2010

A cowdog bites a cow to ether stop it, turn it, or move it.

A clean biting dog bites on the nose or face without hanging on when heading the cow to stop it. When heeling the cow, A clean bite is usually considered a bite below the hock of the cow, again without hanging on. A front foot bite is also considered by most to be a clean bite and is very effective at turning a cow.

A dirty biting dog is usually preferred to a dog that will not bite at all but A dirty biter is more likely to get hurt by either biting the body of the cow or by biting and hanging on. Body biting and hanging on both increase the risk of the dog getting hurt. If in a tricky spot like trying to load a trailer or force cattle though a gate, a dirty bite is more likely to cause the cattle to spook and go the wrong way than an effective clean bite.

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